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SAT802S Iridium/GPRS GPS Location & Data Transmission Unit

Main characteristics
SKU 1881
Vendor Castelecom
Category Satellite - Dual-mode trackers
Standart 2G/900/1800 - Iridium/SBD - More … 2G/900/1800 - Iridium/SBD - GPS
Power source 9~33 VDC
Datacom RS232 9600 Baud rate 8N1 (Customizable)
Dimensions, HWD 109 x 46 x 68 mm
Weight 2 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 999 $
Other currency 937 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
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SAT-802S Yacht Iridium / GPRS dual communication terminal is an industrial level dual channel data radio and GPS positioning terminal, based on Iridium system SBD technology and the GPRS technology of GSM system. It embedded Iridium and GPRS communication module and GPS receivers. SAT-802S Yacht Iridium / GPRS terminals is mainly used for vehicles, vessels, aircraft monitoring, tracking and positioning. User can use it as a data radio, too. Not necessary to understand complex process and agreements of Iridium satellite communications SBD transfer, user data can be sent / received directly through the terminal. So it can achieve what it received what it sent.

Dual mode communication: lridium SBD and GPRS.
Communication channel selection: Auto choosing communication channel, GPRS is top priority.
Support transparent two-way data transmission.
Full coverage in global, No Blind area.
Very high reliability and relatively low in communication cost.
Working Power: 9~ 33VDC.
Power Consumption: 1 W, Transmitting power is less than 1 .75W.
Communication interface: RS232 9600 Baud rate 8N1 (Customizable).
Uplink data :Maximum 340 character; Downlink data :Maximum 270 characters.
Transmission Delay: 10 to 60 seconds.
Dimension: 109mm(L) x 46mm(H) x 68mm(W).
Transmission Specification:
Iridium Transmission Delay
GPRS transmission Delay
Maximum uplink data   
Maximum downlink data
Iridium communication distance Global
GPRS communication distance
5-10 Seconds Antenna In a Good environment
*Remarks: Depends on the environment of the antenna.
Less than 2 seconds
270 Characters
340 Characters
Inside the GSM network coverage
Environmental Specifications:
Operating :
Temperature Range :            Storage Temperature Range :     Operating Relative Humanity Range :
Storage Relative Humanity Range :    
-25°C ~ +65°C
-40°C ~ +85°C
Less than 75%RH
Less Than 93%RH

1. Ocean
It can be applied to locating and tracking of ships, marine environment monitoring, ship security alert system (SSAS), marine emergency rescue, marine buoys, lighthouses and other marine.

It can be applied to oil exploration, industrial control, geological survey, engineering survey, expedition adventure, terrestrial environmental monitoring, disaster monitoring and forecasting, travel to location tracking, disaster relief, emergency communications, emergency rescue command and so on. Particularly suitable for the oil pipeline, gas pipeline monitoring; and geological disaster monitoring, hydrological monitoring, earthquake monitoring, forest fire monitoring.

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