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D2000 Iridium Satellite Land Mobile & Marine Tracking Transceiver

D2000 Iridium
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  • D2000 Iridium
  • D2000 Iridium
  • D2000 Iridium
Main characteristics
SKU 1270
Vendor BlueSkyNetwork
Category Satellite
Standart Iridium
Power source 10-33V
Display Two line LCD display Signal
Connectors Ethernet port 2-wire for power DB9 for serial data transmission Wiring for external message alerts Antenna (Only one antenna for both Iridium and GPS signals) ON/OFF switch
Dimensions, HWD 3x6,5x7,5x
Shipment Worldwide
Price 9200 $
Other currency 8474 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
Wire Transfer VISA MasterCard  

The D2000 is the perfect choice for those looking for an ultra-portable solution. This ruggedized Iridium transceiver works in conjunction with our SkyRouter asset management portal to give users access to global asset tracking and monitoring, short code messaging, special event alerts, and telemetry data reporting. In addition, the D2000 comes equipped with an Ethernet port for attaching a laptop or PDA, providing you with global email capability.

Product Features

Line LCD screen and numeric keyboard for short code messaging 
“Quick Position” mayday alert button
Ultra-portable (2.2 lbs)

Near real time marine/land mobile tracking
Remote management
Ethernet port for laptop or PDA connection for 2-way email messagin

The Blue Sky Network D2000A uses Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) to send and receive short messages in a simple and efficient manner. A message sent from the D2000A is received by the nearest Iridium satellite. From there, the Iridium satellite constellation uses the shortest path to transfer the message to the Iridium gateway, where it is immediately sent to the SkyRouter Web portal and displayed on your computer screen. It takes less than a minute for a message to travel from a device to SkyRouter, allowing for near real-time communications.

Messages sent from SkyRouter take the same route back to the device.        


  • Aviation application
  • Two-line LCD screen and numeric keyboard for short code messaging
  • “Quick Position” mayday alert button
  • Near real-time aviation tracking
  • Ultra-portable
  • Remote management
  • Ethernet port for laptop or PDA connection for two-way email messaging
  • U.S. and Canadian Forest Service compliant
  • Single-channel antenna feed for Iridium and GPS

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.0 in x 6.5 in x 7.5 in
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Power: 10-33V input
  • Nominal current: 1A continuous, 3A peak at 28 VDC
  • Temperature: –20°C to 60°C
  • Display: two-line LCD display
  • Signal strength indication, message waiting, send short codes, read and acknowledge short text messages
  • Connectors: 
    Ethernet port
    Two-wire for power
    DB9 for serial data transmission
    Wiring for external message alerts
    On/Off switch
  • Configuration options: D2000 for land and marine use or D2000A for aviation use

Asset Tracking
Never out of sight No matter where your assets are, Iridium keeps you in the know—with sophisticated, reliable satellite communications solutions that enable full integration of your fleet into your enterprise management and IT systems.

Stay connected — no matter where you go Iridium's global data network and partner solutions give you access to email wherever you are. Stay in touch, manage work tasks, receive important updates including weather and news. With Iridium, offsite never means offline.

Fleet Management
From dispatch to destination Whether transporting goods by rail, road or sea, you need reliable two-way communications to coordinate logistics as business needs change. Iridium’s global network lets you keep in constant contact, wherever your fleet may be.

Data on demand From logistical fleet analytics to scientific data collected by ocean buoys, Iridium’s global network is ideal for remote asset monitoring, allowing you to automatically gather the information you need to maintain optimal operations.

Safety Services
Your global safety net Iridium’s highly reliable network provides a dependable service platform for safety communications. From aircraft in flight to ships at sea, Iridium can be counted on to provide communications in times of need.

Ground to air. Pole to pole. From the cockpit to the cabin, Iridium’s global communications services keep you connected, providing continuous communications no matter where your flight takes you.

Aviation | Air Safety Services
FAA Green Lights Iridium for Oceanic ATC Communications The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that it will authorize the use of Iridium satellite data links for critical air traffic control communications. This will provide air carriers with a fully global, lower-cost solution to enable Future Air Navigation System (FANS) requirements.

Aviation | Business Jet
High-flying business solutions Cost-effective and reliable, Iridium’s voice and data services are ideal for business jet operators looking to provide their passengers with smartphone-enabled air-to-ground telephony, SMS, email, fax and data communications anywhere business is done.

Aviation | Commercial Jet
Communication with no stopovers Iridium's satellite network provides global coverage to commercial airlines around the world. From any runway to the polar routes, our voice and data network serves your communications needs.

Aviation | Helicopters
Small size. Unparalleled reach. Voice communication, fleet monitoring, flight diagnostics—all these and more enabled by low-weight, low-cost avionics and antenna solutions specifically adapted for the helicopter market.

First to arrive. Last to leave. Wherever and whenever disaster strikes, Iridium’s global communications network ensures help can spring instantly into action. Our satellite services are available from the moment first responders arrive through evacuations, search and rescue, cleanup and rebuilding—no matter how long it takes.

Emergency | First Responders
Supporting the front line Our communications systems work where other networks don’t. That global coverage makes Iridium essential to the emergency response plans of first responders and relief agencies the world over.

Emergency | Relief Agencies
Full-spectrum support—when it matters most Mobile. Reliable. Adaptable. When the need is urgent, Iridium is there. Our emergency services are available before, during and after a disaster. From issuing warnings and evacuation notices to cleanup and recovery, we’re there keeping you connected.

Communications to the top of the chain of command National and regional governments alike depend on Iridium’s mobile satellite services for a wide variety of applications. Our technology allows government users to transfer large amounts of data safely—to locations no one else can reach.

Government | National
Global network. National security. With handsets capable of NSA-accredited Type 1 encryption, Iridium provides access to a reliable worldwide satellite network to international government agencies requiring truly global communications.

Government | Regional
Your critical connection Provincial, state and municipal governments rely on Iridium’s communication solutions to coordinate effective first response—from paramedics to police officers. When other telecom infrastructures fail, people turn to Iridium—regardless of on-the-ground conditions.

Because every mission is critical In the field, intelligence equals advantage and information is a lifeline. Iridium provides dependable global mobile satellite service to all military branches of the U.S. Department of Defense, ensuring the lines of communication are never broken.

Military | Air
The sky’s not even the limit Wherever they go, in whatever capacity, military aircraft need to stay connected to HQ. Our unmatched two-way, low-latency, near real-time communication network spans the globe and keeps the connection intact between the cockpit and the ground.

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