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Cellvine BDA-CDMA45-18 Mobile Repeater

Cellvine BDA-CDMA45-18
Main characteristics
SKU 1373
Vendor Cellvine
Category Indoor
Standart CDMA/450
Area of coverage (m²) 1000
Dimensions, HWD 350 x 220 x 50 mm
Shipment Worldwide
Price 350 $
Other currency 320 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
Wire Transfer VISA MasterCard  


  • High linearity & low noise amplifiers for maximal coverage

  • Compact size with high reliability

  • Simple installation

  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC),

  • Automatic gain balance for UL & DL channels

  • Coupled antenna port for installation of two indoor antennas

  • Designed to transmit CDMA Signal and meet IS-95,CDMA2000 standards when using IF SAW filter.

    Product Description

Cellvine’s highly compact indoor repeater has been designed to enhance and extend cellular coverage into small size buildings, restaurants, underground areas, office buildings and other similar indoor environments.

The unit is very simple to install and can be set to automatically obtain maximal coverage. Installing the unit requires two antennas: one on the outside of the building to receive incoming cellular signals from nearby base stations, and the other antenna\antennas

inside the indoor coverage area. The unit is co nnected between the Outdoor & Indoor antenn as to amplify both the base station and the mob ile cellular signals.

When using a modem the repeater can be controlled by a remote PC terminal using Cellvine's GUI and management system.
In this mode alarms can be managed from remote. 


  • Frequency Range   
    • Down  463.1-467.35Mhz
    • Up  453.1-457.35Mhz
  • Output Composite Power  IS-95 , 1FA -45dBc ACPR   +18dBm
  • System Max Gain +80dB
  • Pass Band Ripple 4 dB p-p
  •  Noise Figure < 5 dB
  •   Gain range  30dB in 1dB steps
  •  VSWR 2:1 MAX
  •   Operating Conditions  Indoor , -5 to +45C ambient
  •      Manual Indicators \ Controls     
    • Green Led: Power
    • Red Led: Alarm
    • Manual gain adjustment screws 
    • AGC UL, AGC DL on/off switch. 
  • Repeater Control 
    • Set or Read repeater parameters, Alarms and status using GUI from local PC\Laptop\PDA or remotely Using cellular MODEM.
  • Repeater Control interface Options
    •  Cellular data modem , Cellular SMS modem RS232 cable or Bluetooth modem 
  •  Dimension    350mm X 220mm X 50mm
  •  Power Requirements 12VDC, 3A Max. from included power supplier
  •  RF Connector
    • Base - N female 
    • Mobile – N female 

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