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PicoCell 900 SXL Repeater

PicoCell 900 SXL Repeater
Main characteristics
SKU 1187
Vendor MMW
Category Indoor
Standart 2G/900
Frequency 935 – 960 MHz, 890 – 915 MHz
System output 24 dBm
Area of coverage (m²) 400
Display Yes
Connectors N female
Dimensions, HWD 240 õ 165 õ 80 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 900 $
Other currency 829 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
Wire Transfer VISA MasterCard  

Leaky transponder signals of cellular mobile GSM 900 average power. 

Leaky repeater PicoCell 900 SXL is an active amplifying the radio frequency device designed for
exclusion "zones radioteni" indoors, where the signal insufficient to work with confidence subscriber phones. 

Basic properties repeater: 
  • Provides high quality of mobile phones inside buildings, offices, hotel lobbies, basements, sheds or other places with poor signal reception conditions of cellular station. 
  • Allows the use of cellular phones of GSM-900 standard to any without additional cable connections. 
  • Reduces the probability of a disconnection, fading, falling out signal in the premises with a threshold level of the received signal that allows using a cell phone in all rooms where necessary, and not just in certain places. 
  • Reduces the microwave irradiation cell phone owners by reducing the power level of microwave radiation of cell phones, needed to reliable communication. 
  • Has a built-in protection and overload indication amplifier stages.  

Output PicoCell 900 SXL automatically limited to that ensures minimal distortion of the amplified signal. At This cellular radiotelephone operates on a minimum power necessary for reliable communication, which significantly  reduces the microwave - radiation cell phone owners and increases  the discharge time of batteries compared with the option of using  a telephone in the area of uncertain admission without repeater.

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