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PicoCell 900 SXA Repeaters

PicoCell 900 SXA
Main characteristics
SKU 1186
Vendor MMW
Category Indoor
Standart 2G/900
Frequency UL: 890-915 MHz; DL: 935-960 MHz
System output 20 dB
Area of coverage (m²) 1500
Display Lcd
Connectors N female
Dimensions, HWD 145 õ 220 õ 50 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 550 $
Other currency 504 ˆ
In stock
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Repeater PicoCell 900 SXA belongs to a class of broadband repeaters small power (100 MW) and is designed for installation inside the home, office or unattended premises with "room" operational conditions.

Repeater PicoCell 900 SXA designed to strengthen the radio all the operators cellular standard GSM900 simultaneously applied to cover the territories and premises where the quality does not meet the requirements due to damping of radio transmissions due to terrain, Features of buildings or a large distance from the base stations (BS) cellular systems.

In particular, mobile operators can solve the problem of network development (accommodation base stations, etc.) with repeaters. For example, if within range planned REF expected small number of subscribers, its installation is considered disadvantageous
and the problem is solved with the help of repeaters. In such cases, low-power repeaters room performance (PicoCell 900 SXA) used to cover local places location of subscribers (lobbies and subway stations, offices, etc.).

With a sufficient level of signals from base stations as well as professional installation repeater system PicoCell 900 SXA ensures stable and high quality cellular link on the premises, the total area which can reach 1500 m2 (90 ° sector with a radius up to 40m).

Repeater PicoCell 900 SXA microcontroller is equipped with a control unit, which has menu to configure the system and performs the function of protecting the base stations of cellular network from interference that may cause the repeater itself when it is improperly installed or accidental damage of cables, antennas, etc. 

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