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Satellite repeater for IsatPhone and Thuraya

Satellite Repeater
Satellite Repeater
  • Satellite Repeater
  • Satellite Repeater
Main characteristics
SKU 1312
Vendor Satcom
Category Fixed - Indoor
Standart Inmarsat/IsatPhone - Thuraya
Power source 5V, 3A
Area of coverage (m²) 100
Antenna Outdoor & Indoor
Delivery set Amplifier device, cables, antena, manual
Dimensions, HWD 220x125x30mm
Weight 5 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 1077 $
Other currency 999 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
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The Satellite Phone Repeater Terminal
is a device which let your INMARSAT phone/terminal or THURAYA phone/terminal can be used indoors, either inside the vessel, vehicle, and/or building. The unit is composed of small external antenna and Omni-directional indoor antenna that makes your communication device connected inside the facility. Indoor antenna will relay the satellite reception from about 120 square meters and capable to connect 100 sets of communication device simultaneously which makes very convenient for crew on board to Call/SMS/Data connection simultaneously from their own cabin even using ISATPHONE even in the middle of the ocean.


The outdoor antenna receives the downlink signal from the satellite (Inmarsat or Thuraya) through high selectivity band-pass filter to well isolate the passband signal then hen amplified by the integrative power amplifier, then the signal from amplifier transferred indoor antenna. Uplink and downlink signal including GPS is processed by powerful amplifier with Automatic Level Control system (ALC) that automatically controlling the gain according makes connection stable and strong.


  • No need to go out in exposed weather searching for INMARSAT or THURAYA signal.
  • The indoor unit has strong gain signal the can freely move your ISATPHONE or THURAYA mobile for around 120 Sq meter from the indoor unit without losing the connection.
  • NO NEED the expensive docking unit.
  • Over 100 Users can connect in the indoor unit simultaneously.
  • Highly recommended to Crew on board travelling all oceans in the World. If all crew has an ISATPHONE they can call and send SMS from their families anytime anywhere from respective cabin. Since ISATPHONE incoming call /SMS is FREE, your family and friends can call you anytime.


  • Outdoor Antenna
  • Amplifier device
  • Indoor Antenna
  • 10 Meter Outdoor Antenna Cable
  • 2 Meter Indoor Antenna Cable
  • Power Adaptor
  • Accessories
  • User Manual

Output Power Max
with ALC (Automatic Level Control)
Gain> 62/66dB
In/Out Impedense50 Ω
VSWR< 1:1.8
Downlink Isolates Degree< 125dB
Noise Factor< 5.0dB
Passband Ripple5dB p-p
Power SupplyDC 5V, 3A
Dimensions220 x 125 x 30mm
CertificatesCE (Europe) & FCC (USA)
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