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Direction Finder 2G/3G/4G with Android application

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Portable Direct Finder
Portable Direct Finder
Main characteristics
SKU 2185
Vendor Intercept
Category Direct Finders
Standart 4G - 3G - 2G - Bluetooth™
Frequency 832…862MHz, 824…848MHz, 80…915MHz, 710…1785MHz, 1850…1910MHz, 920…1980MHz, 2500…2570MHz (any 4 bands defined by customer)
Active range (m) 250
Features Compatible with any GSM or UMTS IMSI catchers
OS Android
Battery Li-Ion battery 3,6 V / 1.95 À/h
Max. working time Not less than 6 hours
Antenna Belt hidden wearing or others
Connectors BNC
Interface RS-232
Dimensions, HWD 120 x 70 x 26 mm
Weight 0.24 kg
Shipment Worldwide

Android controlled direction finder (DF) with Android App is a pocket size quad-band device aimed to precisely detect the physical location of target cellular phone captured by IMSI and IMEI catcher, covertly operating at known uplink ARFCN channel. It is designed to support max 4 GSM, UMTS, CDMA or LTE frequency bands.
The unit features 3 different types of target approaching alarms and can be covertly placed inside a pocked or small size carry bag. As soon as the unit is a passive device, it cannot be detected by RF surveillance means.
The DF provides the user with multiple functions:

• Detection of the input signal frequency within a range from 100 kHz to 8 GHz.
• Power measuring of the input signal within level range from -50dBm to +30dBm
• Log and store of results using built-in memory
• Integration into automated systems of radio monitoring via a serial interface
• Acoustic feedback mode on the run of the search work

• Lightweight and adapted for pocket use
• Three types of target cellular phone status
• Covert operation, not detectable by RF scanners
• Operates across four GSM, UMTS, and LTE bands
• Can be used along all known types of IMSI and IMEI catchers
• Extended operation time using high capacity internal battery
• Averaging mode allowing to increase the detection accuracy
Portable Direct Finder
Principle of Operation

DF with Android App handheld finder is a compact and cost effective radio direction-finding device for target mobile handsets location tracking when used in combination with GSM or UMTS catcher system. This equipment can be used along with any known type of GSM or UMTS IMSI and IMEI catcher system when a captured mobile terminal transmits signal over known ARFCN channel. Highly sensitive receiver module allows extending the search radius to 50-250 meters, combined with target phone detection accuracy of up to 1 meter. Receive panel antenna is sized 140x140x15 mm. It can be placed covertly either under a suit or inside a small hand bag or briefcase along with the GSM receiver. It is assembled in a waterproof plastic case. Android Smartphone is managing DF GSM (UMTS) receiver over Bluetooth interface. It provides two types of feedback for the user: through a headset or using built in telephone speaker.

DF is a device that have to be used with IMSI catchers or Active interception systems 

File Title Release Date File Type Size (mb) Action
Android controlled direction finder (DF) 07-20-2019 Documentation (pdf) 2.11 MB download

To access this product file, get partner STE status

File Title Release Date File Type Size (mb) Action
Android controlled direction finder (DF) 07-20-2019 Documentation (pdf) 2.11 MB download

To access this product file, get partner STE status

Additional Product Information
working with UMTS (3G)
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