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Visonic MCX-600 Repeater 433 Mhz

Visonic MCX-600 (433)
Main characteristics
SKU 1625
Vendor Visonic
Category For Security
Frequency 433 Mhz
System output 13-20 VDC or 11-16 VAC
Area of coverage (m²) 3000
Battery Ni-Cd
Max. working time 5 hours
Dimensions, HWD 156õ80õ51 mm
Weight 0.073 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 169 $
Other currency 156 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
Wire Transfer VISA MasterCard  

PowerCode Wireless Repeater

MCX-600 wireless repeater extends the communication range of PowerCodesystems, by relaying data between any PowerCode receiver and remote wireless transmitters. Up to 16 auxiliary repeaters can be positioned between the farthest group of receivers transmitters and the receiver.


For maximum security, the MCX-600 repeater uses a unique, factory programmed, randomly sel ected 24-bit digital alarm ID code during each transmission. This code is sel ected fr om 16 million possible code combinations and is therefore unique and virtually impossible to accidentally reproduce.


Other important benefits of the MCX-600 include the unique anti-collision transmission sequence, which ensures accurate reception of simultaneous signals from multiple transmitters. The fully supervised repeater issues a test report on an hourly basis, indicating faults such as power failure, low battery charge and tampering.


Powered by 13-20 VDC or 11-16 VAC power supply, the MCX-600 uses a 9-Volt nickel cadmium rechargeable battery as a backup in case of power failure.


MCX-600 Features:

  • Extends communication range between a PowerCode receiver and any wireless PowerCode transmitter
  • Supports Visonic PowerCodwireless panels and receivers
  • Up to 16 repeaters can be used in a system
  • PowerCode ID factory-selected fr om 16 million possible combinations
  • Smart anti-collision mechanism supports multiple simultaneous transmissions
  • Fully supervised
  • Power supply options: 13-20 VDC or 11-16 VAC
  • 9-Volt nickel cadmium rechargeable backup battery
  • Compact and easily installed
  • Available in several optional frequencies in compliance with international standards

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