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Visonic PowerMax Plus

Visonic PowerMax Plus
Main characteristics
SKU 1363
Vendor Visonic
Category Guard Systems
Standart 2G
Interface SMS, GPRS, ÕÌ10
Language RU, EN
Shipment Worldwide
Price 436 $
Other currency 399 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
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Visonic PowerMax Plus 
 is a all-in-one, wireless home security system that enables users to conveniently manage all the systems in their home or office environment – from security and lighting to air-conditioning and appliances. It promotes peace of mind by combining industry-leading intrusion detection with early alerts of smoke, gas, and flooding.

PowerMax+ enables homeowners to verify the status of the system, reprogram security functions, and even control their home appliances and lighting – anywhere and any time. From work, on vacation, or even during travel, homeowners through the user-friendly keypad, a PC program or any remote touch-tone or cellular phone. 

Flexible configuration makes PowerMax+ the solution of choice for a wide variety of applications – including homes with children and pets or independent seniors. Other important management capabilities include an advanced scheduler for automation of multiple daily routines, and a voice message center accessible from within and outside the home.

It's high performance features, simple installation and intuitive ease-of-use and proven reliability have made PowerMax+ the choice of installers, homeowners, monitoring companies and national utilities. Hundreds of thousands of families in more than 80 countries rely on Visonic PowerMax systems to protect their homes. 
Versatile Home Protection Options

This wireless security, control and home automation system protects as many as 30 zones, with virtually any combination of Visonic equipment. It supports an exceptionally wide range of detection devices, including: wireless passive infrared (PIR) and pet-immune motion detectors, glass-break, gas, smoke and flood detectors, and door/window magnetic contacts.

In the event a threat is detected, PowerMax+ automatically issues a report to the monitoring station, simultaneously transmitting digital and voice alerts to pre-programmed private telephones and/or pagers. Two-way voice communication can be initiated, enabling remote homeowners to assist a child or elderly resident.

PowerMax+ Features:
  • Remote home management – alarms, lights, appliances, A/C – via telephony, cellular or Internet connections
  • Fast and easy installation; easy and convenient programming options
  • Complete home control solution – provides status updates and controls up to 15 electrical devices
  • Detectors supported: PIR and pet-immune motion detectors; glass-break, flood, smoke and gas detectors; door/window magnetic contact, and more
  • Event reporting to: monitoring stations, pagers and user phones
  • Family message center with standard and remote access for voice recording/playback
  • Remotely initiated hands-free two-way voice communication
  • Latchkey mode informs parents of a child’s arrival to the home
  • Intuitive textual and audible user interface with language adaptation
  • Full compliance with international standards and regulations
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