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Thuraya Marine terminal

Thuraya Marine
Main characteristics
SKU 1162
Vendor Thuraya
Category Marine
Standart Thuraya/L-band - GPS - More … Thuraya/L-band - GPS - FXS/FXO
Display Lcd
Antenna Omni active or stable marine
Connectors RJ-11, USB
Datacom 9.6 Kb/sec (G3)
Dimensions, HWD 260õ220õ57.7 mm
Weight 3 kg
Shipment Worldwide

Thuraya Marine delivers high-performance, seamless satellite communication for all types of maritime vessels traveling throughout Thuraya’s coverage area. Whether on a mission-critical call or keeping in touch with family and friends, Thuraya Marine keeps you connected.

Giving you access to communication when you need it most, Thuraya Marine allows you to harness the advantages of cutting-edge technology from any maritime location. Combining quality and performance, Thuraya Marine is a communication solution without boundaries.

Receive all the information you need to make timely decisions, with the reliability and reassurance of Thuraya’s satellite network covering more than 140 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

The sleek and compact Thuraya Marine terminal enables seafarers on all types of vessels to access a broad range of communication solutions and applications. Make voice calls, transmit/receive data, connect to the Internet, or send SMS, faxes and email with Thuraya Marine.

With Thuraya Marine, you are never at sea

Compact, lightweight and rugged

Thuraya Marine’s below-the-deck equipment is compact and designed to withstand harsh marine conditions. Built to IP66 standards of durability, the central terminal is easily mounted on a wall or desktop.
Emergency distress button


Thuraya Marine features a convenient social calling facility, enabling crew and passengers to stay connected with family and friends, regardless of their location.

User-friendly onboard communication

Thuraya Marine is easy to operate, providing voice, fax and SMS functions along with optimum data download, internet and email access using GmPRS. Thuraya Marine supports up to four wireless handsets for onboard mobility, with the main terminal’s omnidirectional antenna keeping you connected.

Emergency distress button

An integrated Thuraya Regional Distress button on the Thuraya Marine unit enables crew to rapidly alert preconfigured contacts in the event of an emergency.
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