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Galileo GPS v1.9

Galileo GPS v1.9
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  • Galileo GPS v1.9
  • Galileo GPS v1.9
Main characteristics
SKU 1150
Vendor Galileo
Category 2G-3G-4G
Standart 2G/900/1800 - GPS
Battery LiIon; 600ma
Antenna External
Memory micro SD 32 GB
Datacom GPRS, SMS
Interface 1-Wire, CAN, USB, 2xRS-232
Management Internet
Dimensions, HWD 103x65x28 mm
Weight 0.3 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 163 $
Other currency 150 ˆ
In stock
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GALILEO GPS-tracker identifies coordinates of a moving vehicle, saving the following data: times, route and sensors readings in the form of points with geographic coordinates, which are then transferred to control unit server for processing.

GALILEO device mounted on a vehicle allows to reveal such serious violations of operation as deviation from the assigned route and inappropriate use of the allocated fuel. The result of introduction of satellite monitoring system is significant reduction of a company’s costs due to fuel saving, reduction of vehicle mileage and increase of the overall level of drivers labor discipline. As a rule, GPS-tracker is paid back within a few months.

In addition to monitoring of vehicles inappropriate use, GALILEO GPS-tracker makes it almost impossible to steel the vehicle. In case of emergency situation the vehicle driver can immediately send an alarm signal by pressing a special button. If a vehicle is stolen, it will not be difficult to find it because miniature and stealth GPS-tracker will regularly send data about the vehicle location.

  • On-line monitoring (support of continuous communication with the server), "Stealth" mode (time-bill communication), off-line monitoring (uploading of the saved archive via USB);
  • Simultaneous sending of monitoring data to two servers;
  • Adjustable data transfer protocol that allows to save GPRS-traffic;
  • Encryption of the transmitted data;
  • Two-way GSM voice communication between the driver and the dispatcher;
  • Remote upgrade of the device firmware via the GSM-network;
  • Setting via SMS, GPRS, USB;
  • User-friendly and functional interface of the device setting by means of gps monitoring application “Configuration tool” developed by us;
  • The possibility to connect a video camera with continuous video recording and event video recording setting;
  • Sending pictures to the server via GPRS and saving them on the microSD-card;
  • "Autoinformer" function that allows to announce stops’ names of public transportation automatically;
  • Perfect moving vehicle track drawing even in case of low satellite signal level;
  • Detailed drawing of the corners without extra points on straight parts of the road;
  • Built-in non-volatile memorythat allows to store up to 14,000 points;
  • Possibility to record motion data archive to the microSD-card;
  • Identification of impact and tilt of the vehicle;
  • 3 digital outputs for external equipment controlling;
  • Alarm system and remote engine start;
  • 4 universal inputs that can be operated in frequency, pulse, discrete and analog modes;
  • 2 RS-232 ports for connecting of Omnicomm LLS sensors, video camera, external GLONASS-accessory;
  • 1-Wire interface for identification of drivers and temperature measurement (up to 8 temperature sensors and 8 iButton keys);
  • CAN-interface (J1939, FMS-standard) and a built-in CAN-bus scanner;
  • Two-level overvoltage protection;
  • Vandal-proof housing made of metal;
  • Off-line operation for up to 48 hours.

New features:

November 2011

  • Possibility to set special parameters of data transfer in international roaming internationally (reduction of expenses for GPRS-traffic).
  • Possibility to connect two pulse sensors to one input.
  • Setting of monitoring data processing servers by the domain name.

October 2011

  • EXIF-metadata with coordinates and time of the snapshot Now the picture contains coordinates, date and time, name of the manufacturer and the device IMEI.
  • Simultaneous connection of 2 video cameras.
  • Protection against PIN-code search.

September 2011

  • Simultaneous operation of autoinformer, archive recording to SD-card and pictures recording.
  • Archive transfer from the SD-card.
  • Video camera recording in geographical zones .
File Title Release Date File Type Size (mb) Action
User manual. Galileo v 2.3 10-30-2014 Documentation (pdf) 4.41 MB download

To access this product file, get partner STE status

Average power input1,2 W
AD converter bit set10 bit
Number of analog-digital and pulse-frequency inputs4
Number of digital outputs3
Digital interfaces1-Wire, CAN, USB 2.0, 2 RS-232 ports
Connection of an external GLONASS-moduleyes
Built-in batteryLi-Ion, 600 mÀ
GPS-chip setMTK, 66 channels
GSM-modemoperation in GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Data transfer channelGPRS/SMS
Aerial type (GLONASS, GSM)external
Interface for communication with PCUSB 2.0
External memorymicroSD-card up to 32 GB
Supply voltage10-39 V
Dimension103,0 × 65,0 × 28,0 mm
Weight300 g
Operating temperature range-30...+60 °C
Extended temperature range-40...+85 °C
File Title Release Date File Type Size (mb) Action
User manual. Galileo v 2.3 10-30-2014 Documentation (pdf) 4.41 MB download

To access this product file, get partner STE status

File Title Release Date File Type Size (mb) Action
User manual. Galileo v 2.3 10-30-2014 Documentation (pdf) 4.41 MB download

To access this product file, get partner STE status

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