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SCOMNET PRO™. For iPhone, iPad and PC. Unlimited license

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Main characteristics
Vendor Intercept
Category Confidential communication
Version iPhone, iPad, PC
Chat Yes. Online Only
Encryption Triple cipher: AES, Twofish & Serpent (3 õ 256)
Shipment Worldwide
Price 1500 $
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Security Communication Network

The version for IPhone, iPad and PC. Unlimited License!

Ensuring the confidentiality of data during a telephone conversation - a problem which developers of hardware and software has long been engaged with varying success. 

Say Skype Goodbye! After Microsoft bought Skype forget about privacy last one.

Next generation encrypted voice, messaging and conference for iPhone
screen.pngNo Compromise Encrypted Telephony

SCOMNET PRO™ is next generationproduct designed to deliver our famous triple-layer encryption to Internet Telephony (Voice over IP - VoIP) communications.

SCOMNET PRO™ boasts an unparalleled level ofsecurity combined with state-of-the art, echo-freeaudio quality using superior quality audio engine components. But what truly sets SCOMNET PRO™ apart from the competition is that it is the onlydedicated multi-party conferencing product withtriple layer encryption capabilities.

These unique features combine to make
SCOMNET PRO™ is the most user-friendly encrypted telephony application with a no-compromise security model.
Next generation encrypted voice, messaging and conference for PC


Application Features:

  • Unprecedented security, with intuitive interface
  • True military grade security triple cipher encryption module 
  • Clear, echo-free voice calls powered by SpiritDSP’s award winning TeamSpirit® Voice Engine
  • Speakerphone and handset/headset compatible
  • Point-to-point encrypted voice calls
  • Multi-party encrypted conferencing
  • Encrypted, verified messaging with full Unicode support
  • Integrated contacts manager with search functionality
  • Closed Group capabilities
  • Robust party verification procedures
  • Advanced program protection, designed to withstand penetration of code intruders and malicious reverse engineering

Triple cipher, cascade mode encryption engine including AES, Twofish and Serpent ciphers (3 x 256 bit)


Triple ECDH - Elliptic Curves Diffie-Hellman (3 x 571 bit)* 

Note: All encryption and key exchange performed using FIPS140-2 certified libraries.

Telephony Service Features

  • Reliable Internet Telephony Service bundled together with SCOMNET PRO™ application
  • Strictly pass through service - no encryption/decryption at the switch
  • Flexible casual, frequent and heavy use subscription plans as well as a buy once, unlimited use option.
  • Affordable pricing which can be up to 6 times better value than an average metered (unsecured) VoIP call. 

*571-bit ECDH is currently equivalent in security to 15,360-bit RSA/DH/DSA (based on table 1, RFC 5349 standard; Therefore, SecureGSM's triple ECDH is approximately equivalent to 3 x 15,360-bit = 46,080-bit RSA/DH/DSA.

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