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CamHunter. The unique detector of hidden camcorders

The newest device
CamHunter. Detector of active video camera
CamHunter. Detector of active video camera
  • CamHunter. Detector of active video camera
  • CamHunter touch screen
  • CamHunter pen
  • CamHunter Case
  • CamHunter
  • CamHunter level
  • CamHunter level
  • CamHunter level
Main characteristics
SKU 2186
Vendor DT
Category Bug detection
Standart Bluetooth™
Frequency 3 Hz sampling rate
Active range (m) 10
OS APP for Android
Decryption Up to 10 of detectable types of cameras
Battery Li-Pol
Max. working time no less than 3 hours
Display colour touch screen
Antenna cylinder broadband
Q'ty of channels 2
Delivery set Device, Android App, cables, manual
Dimensions, HWD 85 x 140 x 40 mm
Weight 0.3 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 4999 $
Others currency 4503 ˆ
In stock
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CamHunter detects exactly the camera, and not radio transmission, like other devices

CamHunter's hidden camcorder electronic detector is designed to instantly detect and search for hidden camcorders and devices that are in the active state.

CamHunter finds parasite radio emission characteristic of an electronic digital circuit which any camcorder and receiving devices possess recording and transmission of video information.

Unlike optical camera detectors or nonlinear locators, CamHunter does not require close monotonous examination of the entire room, people and objects, but allows you to determine if there is a hidden video camera near you regardless of its type, camouflage and method of transmission. 

CamHunter levelCamHunter levelCamHunter level

1. CamHunter device with a standard antenna.
2. Application for Android
3. Charger. 
USB cable.
5. Software to update the firmware on a USB flash drive.
6. Stylus for calibration and touch screen operation.
7. Camera Lens Detector
8. Operation manual.
9. Bag for storage and transportation.
CamHunterCamHunter CaseCamHunter penCamHunter

Additional Product Information
Android App
Detects exactly the camera itself, and not radio transmission, like other devices
Bluetooth 4.0
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