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Novacom GNS-CONTACT GSM terminal

Novacom GNS-CONTACT  GSM terminal
Main characteristics
SKU 1491
Vendor Novacom
Category M2M modems
Standart 2G (GSM)
Frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MÃö
Power source 8…30 V
Battery 1600 mÀ-h
SMS(MMS) yes
Antenna SMA female
Datacom GPRS, CSD, SMS
Interface GSM, CSD, GPRS, SMS, COM-ïîðò RS232, IButton
Shipment Worldwide
Price 200 $
Other currency 171 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
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GSM terminal GNS-CONTACT is designed for monitoring sensors signals in fixed installations, and remote control outputs. Powered from voltage 8 … 30 VDC and on demand can be equipped with an internal battery. Data collected from sensors are stored in nonvolatile memory device and sent to the dispatcher via SMS messages or GPRS/CSD channel. Ideal for use in energy accounting systems

The core functions of the GNS-contact

  • receive information in analogue form on 3 channels
  • reception of digital signals on 4 channels;
  • the issuance of digital signals on 4 channels;
  • exchange data via GSM;
  • support two different data transfer protocols on a server;
  • voice;
  • working with pulse sensors (counting pulses, differential mode);
  • working with liquid level sensor (OMNIKOM LLS);
  • work on the interface 1-Wire devices iButton;
  • working with readers, as well as Proximity cards through interface 1-Wire


Technical specifications

Frequency range, MHzGSM 850/900/1800/1900
SupportGSM, CSD, GPRS, SMS, COM-port  RS232.
Digital inputs4 inputs
Input Parameters:
input voltage 0-24 V
input current 15 mÀ when 12 V
Digital outputs4 outputs
Output parameters:
output voltage 0-24 V
commutating up till 600 mÀ
Analog inputs3 inputsInput parameters:
input voltage 0-70 V
input current 0,5 mÀ when 70 V
Audio interfaceVoice codecs:
half mode (ETS 06.20)
full mode (ETS 06.10)
advanced full mode (ETS 06.50/06.60/06.80)
1Wire interfaceiButton
Level sensor ÎMNIKOM LLSWorks under the protocol RS232
Built-in battery (by request)Lithium-polymer 1600 mÀ/h
Lithium-ion 1300 mA/h
Frost-resistant (optional)
Operating temperature rangeWith the standard battery:
Without battery:

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