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Edimax IC-7000PTn V2 (wireless 802.11n camera)

Edimax IC-7000PTn V2
Main characteristics
SKU 1456
Vendor Edimax
Category Wireless cameras
Standart WiFi
Power source 12 V
Dimensions, HWD 108x112x108 mm
Shipment Worldwide
Price 199 $
Others currency 170 ˆ
Delivery 7 days
Wire Transfer VISA MasterCard  

IC-7000PTn V2
Wireless 802.11n Dual Mode Pan/Tilt Internet Camera With 1.3M Pixels Lens

  • Supports MPEG4 and M-JPEG video streaming
  • Supports motorized Pan/Tilt with a viewing angle (±355° horizontally and ±120 ° vertically)
  • Supports multiple profile to output MPEG4 and M-JPEG at the same time
  • Supports multi areas motion detection and snapshot to email and FTP
  • Supports pre-recording + post-recording up to 5 seconds for the triggered event
  • Includes 16-channel view and record utility to views up to 16 cameras simultaneously
  • Manual/Schedule/Cycle recording and Playback/Forward/Pause/Stop video with the utility
  • Supports 2-way audio
  • Built-in SDHC/SD card slot to store snapshots and recorded video locally to a SDHC/SD memory card
  • Supports 4 additional user login accounts
  • High speed hardware based compression
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Firmware upgradable

Supports motorized Pan/Tilt
The IC-7000PT(n) V2 features motorized Pan and Tilt with a viewing angle ±355 ° horizontally and ±120° vertically. You can view and control remotely via a browser or Edimax utility to monitor a wider range than normal Internet camera. It can be preset a specific angle to make the camera focus on this point accurately and quickly.

Allows multi users login simultaneously
This Internet Camera (IP Camera) allows multi users login to view the live video streaming simultaneously. The advanced video compression (M-JPEG:SXGA, VGA, QVGA and MPEG4:SVGA, VGA, QVGA) produces a high quality and high frame rate video streaming. 

Supports M-JPEG and MPEG4 dual modes 
Supports dual-mode video compression. You can choose M-JPEG mode or MPEG4 mode according to your network settings in order to achieve the highest video quality or faster video transmission. 

Supports multi areas motion detection, pre-recording and post-recording
The IC-7000PT(n) V2 is a powerful mobile surveillance system. With the intelligent multi-area motion detection function, it monitors your home, pets or business effectively. You can pre-determine 3 trigger areas in the viewing area. Whenever motion is detected in these areas, the camera takes a snapshot / recording automatically and sends the image / video clipping of the events to email or ftp server. Besides, with pre-recording + post-recording function, the IC-7000PT(n) V2 can capture additional image frames prior to the event that provides securer home surveillance. 

Supports 2-way audio 
Includes an audio output for speaker connection and microphone, you can speak to remote site through web browser and listen the sound from the remote site. 

Built in SDHC/SD card slot to store recording files locally 
You can save the snapshot photos and the recorded video files locally to a SDHC or SD memory card. It gives the double secure once the Internet is disconnected so the snapshot cannot be sent to email or FTP. 

Supports DDNS* and UPnP
The DDNS feature allows you to view IC-7000PT(n) V2 by typing a memorable URL (like ) to a browser, rather than an IP address. It gives users less effort to remember the numeric IP address and DDNS is the solution for whom not having a fixed public IP address. UPnP allows Windows XP/Vista users access the Internet camera with a mouse click, no IP address needed. 
*Users need to register with a DDNS server
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