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GSM car security system DZEUSAS

Main characteristics
SKU 1179
Vendor Eldes
Category Controllers
Standart GSM
Frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Power source 10-24Â DC
Battery 8V, 0.4-1.3Ah
Antenna Yes
Connectors Basic 8 pin
Management SMS
Dimensions, HWD 114x78x32mm
Shipment Worldwide
System DZEUSAS - it device for remote monitoring and
control cars, motorcycles and other vehicles through a network of GSM. 

Samples of the system: 

-Update SMS messages and phone calls about triggering car
security system. Dachiki your alarm system the car will be quieting
correctly, and your car will not disturb you and your neighbors without nadobnasti.
-Information on the battery wear.
-Listening to the car interior with a microphone.
-Ability to check whether the security system includes a car or not with
a mobile phone. 

How it works: 

Information System DZEUSAS works in the network GSM. It is not a security system,
but only the application to the security system. Nevertheless, the device may be used
without security systems.
When firing the car sirens, drums, surround, door or other sensors
(Depending on installation), the system DZEUSAS send SMS messages and calls on
programmed numbers until answered or until the call will throw at least one
of two possible userOr call to stop mobile operator. If
answer - be included microphone, and you can listen to what is happening in the transport
vehicle. When the call is finished, the system returns to its previous state. SMS message
called actuated input (zone) is sent to the first successful delivery
message to the user.
If during a call to a system DZEUSAS call was dropped immediately - it means security
system of the vehicle is turned off. Thus, you can check included
Vehicle security system or not. If the security system is included, DZEUSAS after
four or five tones answer and will include a microphone. You will be able
listen to what is happening inside the machine.
The system sends an SMS message when the vehicle battery
will be on the verge of detente, a warning about this. This message is sent bydet,
if 40 seconds and longer battery voltage dropped to 11V.
If the system had a call from an unknown number or SMS was sent to the wrong
password - the system will ignore all.
If at the time of the theft, the car will be disconnected the battery, the system DZEUSAS
will be powered by a backup battery, and you will receive information on the SMS message
about. The duration of the system with the new 0.6Ah ppolnostyu charged battery up to 10 hours. 

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