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Mobile platforms Servision


SerVision’s CVG-M is a unique and lightweight video security solution. The compact, low-power unit is small enough to be body-worn and can be powered by a 12V portable battery. It supports two video inputs to which miniature cameras can be connected, and comes with an internal cellular modem for live video streaming. A built-in GPS module provides accurate information about the location of the person wearing the system at all times.

Public transportation

SerVision provides a comprehensive and robust video surveillance solution for the public transportation sector. By installing SerVision’s SVG systems throughout bus and train stations, local security personnel at each sites control center, as well as police/government officials, have direct access to all camera feeds.

Armored vehicles

SerVision’s mobile gateway systems utilize the companys advanced compression technologies to enable smooth video streaming at very low bitrates. The platforms provide clear, live video streams from cash-in-transit vehicles over cellular networks.


With SerVision’s Mobile Video Gateways installed onboard the train, it is possible to continuously monitor what is happening in and around each train car. SerVisions mobile gateways use advanced compression technologies to enable high-quality video streaming over cellular networks. The video gateways comply with the EN50155 train vibration standard allowing for smooth and clear real-time video streams to train control centers.

Police vehicles

Police vehicles are subject to constant threats during day-to-day operations. They are also exposed to public complaints and lawsuits about their conduct in the field.
SerVision Video Gateways provide the ideal solution to monitor both the external situation and activity within the police vehicle at all times. By connecting to camera streams from inside and outside of the vehicle, police authorities can view live footage in real time.


Taxi drivers operate in a high risk environment – they carry around large sums of cash and have constant interaction with strangers in an isolated environment. SerVision’s two channel CVG-M is the perfect solution for enhancing driver and passenger safety.

School buses

School buses need constant monitoring. With dozens of unsupervised children and teens there will likely be misconduct. Since the bus driver needs to remain focused on the road and not on the student passengers, school administrators are increasingly exploring the use of a real-time on-board video surveillance solution to offer an effective remote monitoring solution.

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