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LiveU stream equipment

Equipment for high-quality video transmission


LiveU is a pioneer in portable video-over-cellular technology, addressing all demands for full HD or SD quality, resiliency, availability, mobility and sub-second latency in a highly innovative technological solution. Our core technology is based on cutting-edge adaptive algorithms which combine cellular communications and video encoding

LiveU holds several patents for its Remote Transmission System.
The LiveU solution bonds up to 14 cellular (3G/4G – LTE/WiMAX) modems over multiple carriers, as well as multiple LAN and even BGAN satellite connections. This creates a reliable, broadband video uplink pipe over multiple narrow-band pipes. Using any camera, the fully-integrated self-powered compact unit provides video resolution ranging from CIF through D1 (SD) and up to 1080i HD. The bonded 3G/4G solution aggregates all data connections simultaneously to achieve high bandwidth and smooth transmission, even as bandwidth and signal levels change across the different connections.


LiveU was the first company to integrate 4G LTE links into its cellular-bonding solutions. Since September 2010, LiveU mobile transmission solutions have been deployed in several commercial LTE networks, such as in Scandinavia and the US. While single modem video delivery devices might suffer from performance fluctuations, loss of transmission or inability to go live, LiveU's multi-link solutions allow broadcasters and online video professionals to enjoy the benefits of both the 4G and 3G worlds. LiveU's solutions are considered to be a viable alternative to costly satellite uplink or portable satellite TV equipment.
LiveU's video uplink systems meet US and EU cellular health-related standards (i.e. SARs - Specific Absorption Rates).

LiveU Connect™ Ecosystem

LiveU Connect incorporates the full-range of LiveU’s product portfolio and its next-generation central management system, LiveU Central, in one single multi-layered, multi-faceted live video ecosystem. The LiveU Central management platform allows full control and monitoring of the entire ecosystem and content via any browser-supported device.

High Quality Video Transmission

LiveU has developed several advanced proprietary algorithms that enable resilient high quality video transmission over the ever-fluctuating multiple cellular networks

Industry-Leading Technologies

LiveU mobile video transmission solutions include a range of unique technologies including:

Unique Benefits:

More Content for Less Money: More teams can report from the field without Satellite/ Microwave trucks. All it takes is a single reporter and a backpack in the field.
High Accessibility and Availability: Anyone can transmit at broadcast quality within minutes of turning on the unit, from anywhere.
Portable and Simple Operation: LiveU's portable backpack carries a fully integrated, easy to operate unit.
Easy Integration: LiveU is easily integrated into the contemporary digital workflow.
Comprehensive service: LiveU takes care of the entire transmission package: testing modems, selecting SIM packages, nullifying cellular operators' billing issues, worldwide roaming support, and more.

Features & Capabilities:


Multi-Channel Aggregation: Bonds up to 14 modems over any and all 3G/4G LTE cellular, WiMAX networks, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and BGAN satellite
Fully Integrated Unit: Everything is included in one compact and easy-to-use device
Full HD Video: From CIF up to 1080 High-Definition
Any Video Camera: Interfaces to SDI, HDMI, DV or analog A/V input
Operational Modes: Optimized for specific scenarios such as Interview (sub-second latency), File Transfer and more
Multi-Client Video Receiver: Using off-the-shelf hardware, the server software supports multiple field units simultaneously with SDI outputs, FME, WME, and H.264 streaming
Diverse Power-Supply: Internal battery, Anton-Bauer, IDX, 110/220 AC, Vehicle Lighter
Additional Features: IFB, Remote Monitoring and Control, Media Recording, Store-and-Forward Mode etc.

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