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The new hand tracker Iridium SHOUT TS

The newest device
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Main characteristics
SKU 1712
Vendor Nal Research
Category Personal trackers
Standart Iridium - GPS
Frequency 1616 to 1626.5 MHz
Battery LI-ion 1.95 A-Hr
Display Lcd high definition
Keyboard QWERTY
Interface Standard USB
Dimensions, HWD 104 x 58 x 23 mm
Weight 0.204 kg
Shipment Worldwide
Price 1550 $
Others currency 1330 ˆ
In stock
Wire Transfer VISA MasterCard PayPal

The SHOUT ts is our third-generation handheld satellite tracker and messaging device. It is the SHOUT nano with a touchscreen allowing quick access to the menus and ease of entering text via on-screen keyboards.

Similar to the nano, the ts is designed with ultra-low power consumption electronics drawing less than 35µA during sleep. With an internal 1.95 A-Hr rechargeable Li-Ion battery, it can send a position report every hour for up to two months (about 1,500 reports). The device can periodically wake up from sleep to send its position report to a command center. A guarded 911 button is used for immediate emergency/alert notifications. Data are packaged in either standard or 256-bit AES encrypted 10-byte, 30-byte or PECOS format.

Dimensions:               104 mm x 58 mm x 23 mm  (4.1" x 2.3" x 0.9")
Weight:                       204 g (7.2 oz)
Battery:                       Rechargeable Li-Ion , 1.95 A-Hr Single Cell, 3.6V to 4.2V
I/O Interface:        Standard USB
Software Interface:      AT Commands through USB
Operating Temp:        – 40°C to +85°C (–40°F to +185°F)
Operating Humidity:     < 75% RH
Operating Frequency:   1616 to 1626.5 MHz
GPS Frequency:         1575.42 MHz (L1 carrier)

Monthly Fee: 20 USD per month.
The cost of traffic: 2 USD per 1000 bytes, rounded up to 1 byte, the minimum chargeable message size - 30 bytes.
This means that the cost of a single message will be 0.06 USD + 0.002 USD for each additional byte exceeded the mark of 30 bytes.
For information: Hourly sending coordinates for a month will cost 43.2 USD (24hours x 30 days x 0.06 USD = 43.2 USD) 

shout_web_map_earth2_big.gif shout_web_map_satellite_big.gif

shout_web_map_map_big.gif shout_web_table_big.gif

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